Exchange notices


E.g., 23-06-2024
E.g., 23-06-2024

05/07/2023Withdrawal Public Offer and Tading halt of UADH, GIF FILTER, AMS & ELECTROSTAR stocks

The Financial Market Council decided to submit persons controlling the companies UADH, GIF FILTER, AMS and ELECTROSTAR, to a Withdrawal Public Offer. Stocks of these companies are halted from trading on 6th and 7th July 2023. Trading will resume on Monday 10th July 2023.

27/06/2023BVMT & TUNISIE CLEARING Release

Shortening the settlement cycle of securities transactions from T+3 to T+2.

26/06/2023TLS - Listing of new bond

The bond «TLF 2023-1» will be traded on the Exchange from 27th june 2023.

23/06/2023Trading hours

Trading hours from 3rd July 2023.

21/06/2023Trading of Treasury Bond

New Treasury Bond will be traded from 22nd june 2023.

07/06/2023UIB - Trading resumption

Trading resumption of "UIB" stocks from 8th June 2023.

06/06/2023UIB - Trading halt

Upon request of the Financial Market Council, the trading of the stock “UIB” is halted on 6th June 2023.

05/06/2023Change in trading hours

Due to a technical incident in the trading session of 5th june 2023, the call and fixing phases were postponed.

05/06/2023SMART TUNISIE - Trading after capital increase

From 7th june 2023, the existing shares of the company «SMART» will be traded on the stock exchange with detachment of rights.

31/05/2023ATL - Listing of new bond

The bond «ATL 2023-1» will be traded on the Exchange from 1st june 2023.