Exchange notices


E.g., 18-04-2024
E.g., 18-04-2024

01/04/2024Trading hours

Trading hours applicable from 12th april 2024.

04/03/2024Ramadan Trading Hours

Ramadan Trading Hours from the firt day of Ramadan.

20/02/2024Trading of domestic debt 2024 first instalment

The domectic debt 2024 first instalment will be traded (trading group "21") from 21st february 2024.

13/02/2024TLNET -Trading resumption

Trading resumption of "TELNET HOLDING" stocks from 13th february 2024.

16/01/2024TLS - Listing of new bond

The Bond « TLF 2023-2 » will be traded on the Exchange from 17th January 2024.

11/01/2024SERVI - Trading halt

Trading halt of « SERVICOM » stocks from 11 January 2024.

02/01/2024AMV - AMV - Liquidity contract expiry

The liquidity contract concluded with the stockbrocker UNION FINANCIERE expires on 30th December 2023.

29/12/2023December 2023 average prices

December 2023 average prices of listed companies.

28/12/2023TJARI - Trading after capital increase

From 29th December 2023, the new subscribed shares of the company « ATTIJARI BANK» traded on the stock exchange separately from the old shares until their assimilation.

28/12/2023Notice N°53 of Indices Committee

Decisions of Indices Committee taken at its meeting held on 27th December 2023.