Exchange notices


E.g., 26-06-2024
E.g., 26-06-2024

29/12/2023December 2023 average prices

December 2023 average prices of listed companies.

28/12/2023TJARI - Trading after capital increase

From 29th December 2023, the new subscribed shares of the company « ATTIJARI BANK» traded on the stock exchange separately from the old shares until their assimilation.

28/12/2023Notice N°53 of Indices Committee

Decisions of Indices Committee taken at its meeting held on 27th December 2023.

26/12/2023SAH - Liquidity contract expiry

The liquidity contract concluded with the stockbrocker MAC SA expires on 27th December 2023.

25/12/2023UBCI - Judicial sale cancelation

The judicial sale of 44 541 shares of the company UBCI, scheduled on 25th December 2023, is canceled on request of the stockbroker UBCI BOURSE.

20/12/2023UBCI - Judicial sale

During the trading session of 25th december 2023, the stockbroker UBCI BOURSE proposes the sale offering on the market 44 541 shares of UBCI. The minimum price of the sale is TND 22.500.

18/12/2023Subdivision of listed shares in segments and trading groups for the year 2024

The listed shares will be assigned into segments and trading groups from 2nd January 2024.

14/12/2023Trading of domestic debt 2023 fourth instalment

The domectic debt 2023 fourth instalment will be traded (trading group "21") from 15th december 2023

14/12/2023AB - Listing of new bond

The Bond « Amen Bank Subordonné 2023-2 » will be traded on the Exchange from 15th December 2023.

15/11/2023Listing of new bonds

Bonds « HL 2023-01 », « Attijari Leasing 2023-1 » and « ATL 2023-2 » will be traded on the Exchange from 16th november 2023.