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E.g., 20-04-2024
E.g., 20-04-2024

13/06/2018NEW BODY LINE - information post OGM at 08/06/2018

Motions after General meeting of the 08/06/2018.

12/06/2018HANNIBAL LEASE - Press release

The Company Hannibal Lease informs his shareholders whom his joined together General Assembly on Monday, April 30, 2018.

12/06/2018AIR LIQUDE TSIE - Press release

Air Liquide Tunisie is pleased to make available of its shareholders, that his Standard general meeting.

12/06/2018CEREALIS - information post OGM at 07/06/2018

Motions after General meeting of the 07/06/2018.

12/06/2018TUNIS RE - information post OGM at 04/06/2018

Motions after General meeting of the 04/06/2018.

11/06/2018ASSAD - General Meeting ordinary at 28/06/2018

Sirs the shareholders of company " L’ACCUMULATEUR TUNISIEN ASSAD" are convened as a Standard general meeting, on Thursday, June, 2018, for the purpose of deliberating on the following agenda.….

11/06/2018GIF-FILTER - call for candidacy

Company GIF FILTER, informs its minority shareholders that designation of an administrator the representative within the Board of directors

08/06/2018SITS - General Meeting ordinary at 11/06/2018

The legal agent of the company "la Société Immobilière Tuniso-Saoudi Sa - SITS", Mr Mohamed Nèjib DHIAB, makes available of the shareholders of the company and public which a Standard general meeting will take place on June 11th, 2018 at 10:00 hours

07/06/2018Amen Bank - Declaration of significant operations

Declaration of the significant operations carried out by COMAR ASSURANCES

07/06/2018SOTEMAIL - information post OGM at 05/06/2018

Motions after General meeting of the 05/06/2018.