IPO Guide


Why enter the stock market?

The ultimate goal of any business, regardless of industry or field of action, is the growth of its wealth.
At a time of globalization and the opening of borders, in a market characterized by increased competition, where new market shares must be continually conquered, this objective often runs up against the inadequacy of the capital needed to the implementation of the company's development strategies.
The IPO is a real opportunity. It also offers many other benefits that are not always perceived by business leaders and shareholders.
Perceived as complex, binding or expensive, the IPO is a major step in the life of a company.
Why enter the stock market? At what moment ? At what price ? According to what procedures? And with the advice of which entity? It is to all these questions that we propose to answer in this document which marks the course of the introduction to the Tunis Stock Exchange of any Tunisian company.


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