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E.g., 03-04-2020
E.g., 03-04-2020

22/02/2019ATL - VISA du Conseil du Marché Financier

The held Extraordinary general assembly the 25/01/2019 decided to increase the capital of the company Arab Tunisian Lease “ATL” of an amount of 10,000,000 DT to carry it of 25,000,000 DT to 35.000.000DT.

21/02/2019TUNIS RE - Press release

The international credit rating agency Fitch Rating allotted on February 18th, 2019 to the Tunisian company of reinsurance “Tunis Re”, the rating “Insurer Financial Strength” (IFS) of “AA- (tun)” very extremely with stable prospects.

19/02/2019ASSAD - Press release

29/01/19 ASSAD and Enersys signed an agreement to restructure their business connection dating since more than 10 years through creation of the Enersys-Assad Joint-venture.

19/02/2019BNA - General Meeting extraordinary at 06/03/2019

Sirs the shareholders of the Agricultural National Bank are invited to attend the meeting of the Extraordinary general assembly which will be held on Wednesday, 06 March, 2019.

19/02/2019SERVICOM - Press release

Following the resignation of Mr. Majdi Zarkouna, the board of directors decided a change on the level of the governance of the group by naming Mr. Mourad Dimassi (in the past Executive vice president of Servicom SA) as a Chief Executive Officer of the company.

14/02/2019BH LEASING - Press release

Company MODERN LEASING launches a call for candidate to appoint an independent administrator within his Board of directors.

11/02/2019STEQ - Threshold crossing

Declaration of crossing of thresholds on the actions and the rights to vote of company STEQ

11/02/2019SERVICOM - Press release

Company SERVICOM SA informs the holders of obligations emitted within the framework of debenture “SERVICOM 2016” aimed by the CMF on 29/04/2016 under the number 16-940 of the carryforward to the /15/04/2019.

18/01/2019BEST LEASE - Quarterly activity reports at 31/12/2018

Company BEST LEASE publishes its indicators of activity relative to the 4th quarter 2018.

17/01/2019SOTIPAPIER - Quarterly activity reports at 31/12/2018

Company SOTIPAPIER publishes its indicators of activity relative to the 4th quarter 2018.