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E.g., 08-07-2020
E.g., 08-07-2020

07/08/2019UIB - Financial statements half-yearly at 30/06/2019

Company UIB publishes its intermediate financial statements stopped at June 30th, 2019.

12/07/2019SFBT - Declaration of significant operations

Declaration of the significant operations carried out by the INTERNATIONAL COMPANY BREWERIES AND REFRIGERATORS.

11/07/2019Assurances Maghrébia (Hors Cote) - General Meeting ordinary at 17/07/2019

The Company Insurances Maghrebia S.A makes available of its shareholders whom they are convened as a Standard general meeting on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

11/07/2019SAH - Quarterly activity reports at 11/07/2019

The SAH publishes its indicators of activity relative to the 2nd quarter 2019.

09/07/2019EURO-CYCLES - Quarterly activity reports at 30/06/2019

Company EURO-CYCLES publishes its indicators of activity relative to the 2nd quarter 2019.

08/07/2019LAND OR - Press release

Company LAND'OR SA informs its shareholders and the public, that the subscriptions for the capital growth in cash, realized on a purely irreducible basis and reducible.

08/07/2019ELBENE INDUSTRIE - Financial statements annual at 31/12/2018

Company ELBENE INDUSTRY publishes its annual financial statements stopped at 31 December, 2018, accompanied by the opinion of the auditors.

05/07/2019STEQ - General Meeting ordinary at 02/08/2019

Sirs the shareholders of company STEQ are invited to take part in the Standard general meeting which will take place on August 2nd, 2018.

04/07/2019BTE (ADP) - Press release

The Bank of Tunisia and Emirates “BTE” makes available of its pleasant customers and shareholders whom an embezzlement was noted for the first time, at its Agency Sousse Sahloul during second about fifteen the month of June 2019 for an amount of 27,000 Euros….

04/07/2019ELBENE INDUSTRIE - General Meeting ordinary & extraordinary at 17/07/2019

Sirs the Shareholders of Company “ELBENE INDUSTRY” are convened as an Extraordinary general assembly and Ordinary on July 17th, 2019.