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E.g., 27-02-2020
E.g., 27-02-2020

27/03/2019SFBT - Financial statements annual consolidated at 31/12/2018

Company SFBT publishes, its consolidated annual financial statements stopped at 31 December, 2018, accompanied by the opinion of the auditors.

27/03/2019CIL - Press release

The International Company of Leasing informs its honourable shareholders that its Board of directors, at his meeting of 26 March, 2019, reviewed the activity of the company during 2018.

26/03/2019LAND OR - General Meeting extraordinary at 01/04/2019

The Board of directors has the honor to convene the shareholders of the Company at the Extraordinary general assembly on Monday, 01 April, 2019 at 11 A.m. with the Hotel AGREES the Banks of the Lake Tunis.

21/03/2019EURO-CYCLES - Press release

Company EURO-CYCLES informs its shareholders that its board of directors, joined together on Thursday, 21 March, 2019.

19/03/2019BEST LEASE - Financial statements annual at 31/12/2018

Company BEST LEASE publishes its individual annual financial statements stopped at the 31/12/2018, accompanied by the opinion of the auditors.

19/03/2019BEST LEASE - General Meeting ordinary at 27/04/2019

The shareholders of Company “BEST LEASE” are convened as a Standard general meeting, for on Saturday, 27 April, 2019.

19/03/2019SFBT - General Meeting ordinary & extraordinary at 24/04/2019

The shareholders of the Company of Manufacturing of Drinks of Tunisia are convened as General meetings ordinary and Extraordinary, for on Wednesday, 24 April, 2019.

19/03/2019SFBT - Press release

The Board of directors of the Company of Manufacturing of Drinks of Tunisia - SFBT-, joined together on 19th March, 2019, decided to propose to the next extraordinary general assembly a capital growth of 33,000,000 of dinars.

19/03/2019CIMENTS DE BIZERTE - call for candidacy

The company “Cements of Bizerte” informs its shareholders that the designation of a representative of the small shareholders will take place by way of election at the time of the behaviour of the Standard general meeting.

18/03/2019BT - Press release

The Bank of Tunisia informs its shareholders and the public which his Board of directors joined to gether on 15th March, 2019 adopted the financial statements relating to 2018, releasing a net income of 110 million Dinars.