Safety management of information in the company


The performance and sustainability of the activities of the companies are more and more dependent on their information systems. This dependence requires the implementation of an effective management device that guarantees the continuity of the activity of the company and the control of the risks by the permanent respect for the basic principles of information security: the availability, confidentiality, integrity and traceability of the information.

The Tunis stock exchange in collaboration with its partner - the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation - organized a meeting on that matter for listed companies, stock brokers, various stakeholders from the place of Tunis...

On This occasion, experts in the information security audit chain addressed the various facets of the management of the WSIS and three business representatives who have implemented the systems of information security management systems -certified ISO 27001 presented their experiences.

The main recommendations for obtaining an acceptable level of control of the security of the information of the company:

(i) positioning of the safety requirements of the company in relation to security measures available to it, (ii) the systematic use of a security audit, (iii) the implementation of the recommendations of the audit allowing the implementation of policies of risk management and information security management.

In addition to this meeting, the Tunis Stock Exchange rewarded, the winners of the 5th edition of the "my investia" challenge.