Exchange notices


E.g., 04-03-2024
E.g., 04-03-2024

30/11/2022Trading of domestic debt 2022 fourth instalment

The domectic debt 2022 fourth instalment will be traded (trading group "21") from 1st december 2022

25/11/2022Judicial sale

During the trading session of 30th november 2022, the stockbroker AFC proposes to sale by auction 243 862, 121 931 and 52 257 shares of ATB.The minimum price of the sale is TND 3.160.

25/11/2022ADWYA - Trading halt

Trading halt of ADWYA stocks from 25th November 2022.

15/11/2022CREAL - Trading halt

Upon request of the Financial Market Council and following the disclosure of a public tender offer on “CEREALIS” shares, the trading of “CEREALIS” stocks is halted on 15th and 16th november 2022 and will be resumed from 17th november 2022.

25/10/2022MNP - Result of the Simplified Public Purchase Offer

During the period of Offer, Tunisia Retail Group Holding TRG SA has acquired 598 259 shares of SNMVT.

21/10/2022TLS - Listing of new bond

The bond « TLF 2022-2 » will be traded on the Exchange from24th october 2022.

28/09/2022Trading of domestic debt 2022 third instalment

The domectic debt 2022 third instalment will be traded (trading group "21") from 29th september 2022

28/09/2022Trading of Treasury Bond

New Treasury Bond will be traded from 29th september 2022.

21/09/2022MNP - Trading resumption

Trading resumption of "MONOPRIX" stocks from 23rd september 2022.

21/09/2022ADWYA - Free float update

The free float of the company "ADWYA", used in TUNINDEX and sectoral indices calculation, will be updated from Friday 23rd september 2022.