Exchange notices


E.g., 02-03-2024
E.g., 02-03-2024

06/08/2020Trading of new Bond

The Bonds "STB Subordinated 2020/1", "ABC TUNISIA 2020-01" and "CIL 2020/1" will be traded from August 10, 2020 ...

06/08/2020SOPAT - Trading after the capital increase realization

From august 7th, 2020, the new shares subscribed will be admitted and traded on the stock exchange separately from the old shares until their assimilation.

24/07/2020TVAL - Result of the Public Offer of Withdrawal

24/07/2020XABYT - Result of the purchasing public offer

16/07/2020SFBT - Trading after the capital increase

From july 20, 2020, the company « SFBT » will be traded on the stock exchange after capital increase by allocation of free shares.

15/07/2020Trading of new treasury bonds

Trading of new treasury bonds from july 16, 2020

07/07/2020ATL -Trading on the Exchange

From 8th july 2020, the new subscribed shares will be assimilated to the old ones.

06/07/2020HL - Trading after capital increase

From 9th july 2020, the old shares of the company "HANNIBAL LEASE" will be traded with detachment of rights.

03/07/2020ELBEN - Open-outcry trading

From Monday 6th july 2020, the stocks of the company « ELBENE INDUSTRIE » will be traded via Open-outcry.

01/07/2020XABYT - Mandatory Public Purchasing Offer