Exchange notices


E.g., 01-12-2023
E.g., 01-12-2023

13/07/2023Trading days for the week from 17 to 21 July 2023

Tunis Stock Exchange informs that except the New Year's Day of the Hegira which will be announced by the Mufti of the Republic, all the other days of the week from 17th to 21 july 2023 will be trading days.

05/07/2023Withdrawal Public Offer and Tading halt of UADH, GIF FILTER, AMS & ELECTROSTAR stocks

The Financial Market Council decided to submit persons controlling the companies UADH, GIF FILTER, AMS and ELECTROSTAR, to a Withdrawal Public Offer. Stocks of these companies are halted from trading on 6th and 7th July 2023. Trading will resume on Monday 10th July 2023.

27/06/2023BVMT & TUNISIE CLEARING Release

Shortening the settlement cycle of securities transactions from T+3 to T+2.

26/06/2023TLS - Listing of new bond

The bond «TLF 2023-1» will be traded on the Exchange from 27th june 2023.

23/06/2023Trading hours

Trading hours from 3rd July 2023.

21/06/2023Trading of Treasury Bond

New Treasury Bond will be traded from 22nd june 2023.

07/06/2023UIB - Trading resumption

Trading resumption of "UIB" stocks from 8th June 2023.

06/06/2023UIB - Trading halt

Upon request of the Financial Market Council, the trading of the stock “UIB” is halted on 6th June 2023.

05/06/2023Change in trading hours

Due to a technical incident in the trading session of 5th june 2023, the call and fixing phases were postponed.

05/06/2023SMART TUNISIE - Trading after capital increase

From 7th june 2023, the existing shares of the company «SMART» will be traded on the stock exchange with detachment of rights.