Exchange notices


E.g., 16-04-2024
E.g., 16-04-2024

24/08/2021CIL - Mandatory Takeover Bid

Technical details of sell orders centralization on the Stock Exchange.

06/08/2021CIL - Trading halt

On request of the Regulator Authority and following the disclosure of the takeover bid notice for "CIL" shares, the trading of"CIL" shares will be halted during trading sessions of 09 or 10 and 11 august 2021, and will resume from 12 august 2021.

16/07/2021OFFICE PLAST - Trading after capital increase

From 19 July 2021, existing / old shares of « OFFICEPLAST » will be traded with detachment of rights.

15/07/2021SIAME - Stocks listing

From 16 July 2021, existing shares of the company "SIAME" will be traded with detachment of rights and the new bonus shares will be traded on the same trading line as well as the existing shares.

13/07/2021SOTEM - Listing following new shares assimilation

The 4 313 514 subscribed new shares of the company SOTEMAIL will be assimilated to the 30 200 000 existing shares and they will be traded on the same trading line as well as the existing shares from 14 july 2021.

13/07/2021Transfer of Domestic Debt 2021on NSC

The domectic debt 2021 will be listed and traded (trading group "21") from 15th July 2021.

29/06/2021Notice N°45 of Stock Exchange Indices Committee

29/06/2021Trading Hours

Trading hours from 1st July 2021.

25/06/2021CC - Trading resumption

The Financial Market Council decided the trading resumption of "CARTHAGE CEMENT" stocks from 28th June 2021.

23/06/2021CC - Trading halt

Upon request of the Financial Market Council, the trading of "CARTHAGE CEMENT " stocks is halted from 23 June 2021.