Exchange notices


E.g., 01-12-2023
E.g., 01-12-2023

15/11/2023Listing of new bonds

Bonds « HL 2023-01 », « Attijari Leasing 2023-1 » and « ATL 2023-2 » will be traded on the Exchange from 16th november 2023.

02/11/2023SOPAT - Public Offer of Withdrawal result

From 3rd november 2023, SOPAT equities will be delisted fom the main market of the Exchange.

12/10/2023Trading of Treasury Bond

New Treasury Bond will be traded from 13 October 2023.

11/10/2023AB - Trading after capital increase

From 12th October 2023, the existing shares of the company «AB» will be traded on the stock exchange with detachment of rights.

09/10/2023STPAP - Trading resumption

Trading resumption of "SOTIPAPIER" stocks from 10th october 2023.

28/09/2023Notice N°52 of Indices Committee

Decision of Indices Committee taken at its meeting held on 26th September 2023.

22/09/2023Trading of domestic debt 2023 third instalment

The domectic debt 2023 third instalment will be traded (trading group "21") from 25th september 2023

20/09/2023SOPAT - Trading halt

Trading halt of SOPAT stocks from 20th September 2023.

19/09/2023Settlement cycle deadline of securities transactions

Shortening the settlement cycle of securities transactions from T+3 to T+2.

19/09/2023Amendments made to Market Rules

Amendments made to Market Rules will be applied from 2nd october 2023.